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MAC Integrity Matters has two areas that we specialize in.  Funding & Joint Ventures

Funding deals for new or seasoned real estate investors is made easier when your goals as an investor are clearly understood and you have a lender that is working closely toward those goals. It's not about the "Rate of the Day" that will help grow your business. It's interesting that most companies compete on rate or terms which are important but don't have as much impact on your success unless they are working hard to get things done correctly and on time.   


Help Us To Help You Grow It's personal in that we are working toward the success of both sides of the deal. It's about creating a win-win opportunity. Whether it's a Joint Venture or simply funding your deals, it matters that everyone succeeds together so help us to help you with the details of your business.


Relationships Matter! Cliche? Not for us. A lot of our clients started as Joint Ventures which is an area where we can offer an even greater experience by opening up funding, helping to avoid problems as well as guiding through various purchase & exit strategies. The Guru's charge for Systems that convince you that you will succeed. Our Joint Venture deals are a "pay when we both succeed plan".


Joint Venture Deals  We fund the deal, assist in property aquisitions and help to monetize more opportunities that most companies would not look at. It is hard enough to get started for a new investor and it can take forever to actually make significant income. Creative help and guidance with buying and selling along with a really good supply of cash helps!

We Are Not Guru's!  Once we get started with an investor we outline their goals we build an implement a plan of action including a time tble to get things done. Time lost is opporunity lost and you can't get either back if you waste them.

Funding Deals Should Be Easier

What we all know or find out sooner or later! 

There is a cost of money and it needs to be considered. Lower rates do not always deliver the lowest cost. Terms provide flexability. What are the real costs of borrowing.

Hard Money Loans are another venue that can cost more than expected especially if you run into problems in getting the project done on time especially for newer investors.

Private Money Forget that thought if you were thinking about family and friends. Very few will put cash at risk. Private Lenders of which we fit into the category are good source if they want you. They can be picky.

Transactional Financing Typically expensive and controlled by big pockets. There is a place to utilize this type of transaction but very specific and should be a last choice right after Hard Money!
If you are lucky enough you might get a start as a Joint Venture Partner that works closely with you and has mutually beneficial interest that far exceed the loan. 

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